• Opening of affiliated company CHAIN HEADWAY MACHINE TOOLS new building to expand the business.

  • SHINTEK Factory B opened.

  • Certified to ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System and ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management System.

  • Certified to TTQS Taiwan Training Quality System in bronze and received SGS ISO9001 18 Years Merit Award.

    Released PSC Quick Change System for Lathe.

  • PSC tool holder went into production by grinding machine from Switzerland.

  • 90° SAR Angle Head Holder was released.

  • Completed construction of SHINTEK's second factory and started manufacturing.

  • Certified to ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

    Released Indexable Cutting Tools.

  • Established company CTY TNHH so keo nha cai VN in Ho Chi Minh City to open up Vietnam market.

    Released new products: 90° SAM Angle Head Holder, Power Good Clamping Nut, and DualDRIVE+ double face contact Soi kèo.

  • Launched HSK Soi kèo for machining centers.

  • Adopted ISO 9002 Quality Management System and Certification.

    Launched Soi kèo for machining centers, Z axial preset gauge and Rough Boring Head.

  • Established company CHAIN HEADWAY MACHINE TOOLS and focused on the domestic market.

  • Released new products like 5C, R8 Collet, and Milling Chuck.

  • so keo nha cai started to export products and participated in global exhibitions to display so keo nha cai products.

  • Mr. Simon Chen founded so keo nha cai group, the products including Drill Sleeve, Lathe Center, and Bull Nose Center.

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